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We Can ALL Incite Hope for Equality, Justice, and Inclusion!

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

I've had to have more in depth conversations with my 8 year old daughter about race. Her question was, "Mommy, the police is supposed to protect us too so why do people kill us because of the color of our skin?" WOW! And Sesame Street has aired a kid special titled - Coming Together: Standing up To Racism.

As my event planning business has hit a pause, my question to God in the face of the dual pandemics of COVID-19 and Systemic Racism was, "What can I do to help with this moment in history we have found ourselves engulfed in?" In having personal experiences with trauma, God has led me to just to write and lead virtual conversations which are two avenues that have always been therapeutic. Hence, welcome to my "Breaths of Reflection Corner" blogs and virtual conversations. Hopefully, they will be thought provoking and serve as an avenue towards each hosting one's own Self-Reflection Event, to exit on the other side of the current pandemics that plagues society...a better people as a whole.

Be sure to also visit my YouTube channel and subscribe to join in on the videos/virtual conversations. Blessings~

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