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Dollar Power - Don't Pay for Discriminatory Mistreatment

I watched on the news today where more companies that I have patronized for years broadcast via the media that they will cease locking up products in cases that are frequently used/purchased by us black/brown people. I thought it was interesting that they said the placing of the products under lock and key was linked to them being frequently stolen items, but they now realize the appearance of discrimination. Yeah ok, so the companies are CVS Pharmacy (which is where I normally spend way too much money), Walgreens, and Walmart (I should also own stock there).

It is like the economy is Ike and we (the American workforce) is Tina. The economy and powers that be are saying, "Get on out there Annie Mae and turn that dollar COVID-19 and all, if you die you die but get me that money!" As the old folks would say, "knowing is half the battle". The dollar indeed is the power that we as black/brown people need to take back. We need to learn to unite, pool, and control our black dollar much like the Jewish keeps theirs in-house. I know everything is made so very difficult for us due to the system within which we live having never being built for our inclusion, consumption, nor benefit; but for us to turn that dollar just as our ancestors were beaten and forced to build the country and economy on their backs for free when they were enslaved. We are some of the hardest workers on our jobs and they still do not want to pay us, or feel as though they have the right to pay us less than our white counterparts doing the same jobs.

I have walked out of many stores without purchasing one thing due to not being asked if I could be assisted, but seeing white customers all around me being asked as if I was invisible. I have also walked out when the watching was blatantly annoying. One time before I walked out, I made it my business to let the store clerk know that I do not pay for bad service/lack of, and that I do not steal nor need to as I can afford to purchase anything I want in the store and then some. I have worked retail before when I was younger in a department store and in a drug store. When I worked in the drug store I remember a lady who would come into the store with a very large purse and my manager would ask us to stock/face the shelves and watch her.

Well guess what, the lady was not black but she was a white lady. They would come in groups sometimes stealing. Does thievery have a color? No, it does not, but let's be real clear that the biggest crooks are not black and they are not in these mediocre department stores, but they are dressed in the finest suits, sitting in the highest positions, swindling hard working people hand over fist while supporting the systemic racism that keeps many black/brown people barely making it.

The $1200 given to eligible American workers as COVID-19 relief was a slap in the face. All of the money being shelled out to big businesses and whoever else (as they will not release to the public exactly where all the money went) belongs to us (the taxpayers). Those of us who have been blessed to work from home during the pandemic would like to see our fellow Americans in need receive more of our taxpayer dollars to help them and their families stay safe and survive this pandemic. Nobody seems to care about mitigating risks to save the enormous increase of lives yet to be lost to COVID-19.

I encourage every minority consumer to take back the power of your dollar. Begin with educating your self of black owned businesses in your communities to patronize for food, products, and services. Go to:

to register/join, connect with other black owned business in your area, and take advantage of opportunities to keep close to heart.....THE POWER OF OUR BLACK DOLLARS.

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