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Don't Quarantine Your Dream Event: Write Your Visions!

When the world seems unkind, positive thinking always helps if you can muster it up. What better to spend some time doing than jotting down your ideal post-pandemic event plans? I know, I had to celebrate a quarantined birthday this year as well but I dare not allow my dream birthday celebration to be suppressed! I can still lean into what I want, just as I did when my son asked me. He knows I like seafood, so the next grocery deliver order prior to my birthday included crab legs and all the fixings for one of his famous crab pots! Yup, just for Mommy's Quarantine/Stay-at-Home 45th Birthday!

Hiring an event planner is only the easy portion of planning for your dream event.

You can jumpstart gathering information your event planner will need, with small prep steps like:

1. What is your event type? (2 Fab Vision Event Type website section may help you)

2. What is your event purpose?

3. What do you want to accomplish with your event?

4. What do you see for your event when you close your eyes?

You can narrow down your visions for your event later, but it is important to write down what you vividly see. Don't be afraid to include colors, places, people, attire, weather, etc. Keep dreaming America!

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